Seminar in Greece Soon on Forex and Stock Trading

Posted on September 27, 2018 at 10:42 am GMT

We are glad to invite our partners, along with their existing and prospective clients to a free seminar due to take place in Athens, Greece, on 20th October, on the topic of trading forex and stocks.

As both the global forex and stock markets offer a series of investment options to online retail traders, the seminar aims to provide a clear insight into the differences between trading stock CFDs and investing in forex. Professional instructor Charalambos Spyridis’s detailed presentation will include all the necessary information that today’s online traders need to be aware of when opting for either forex or stocks, depending on investment goals, individual trading styles, and experience.

The seminar will take place at Hilton Athens Hotel, where all those who honor us with their presence will have the opportunity to acquire practical information and receive professional guidelines on which instruments to choose for trading, what technical analysis tools to apply to assess market trend strength, and how to apply risk management with more success.

For further details about the event please click here.