Join the Free XM Forex Seminar in Lahore

Posted on May 9, 2019 at 9:27 am GMT

We are pleased to invite our partners, along with their clients, whether on beginner or more advanced level, to join our seminar due to be held in Lahore, Pakistan, dedicated to the proper use of technical analysis in forex trading.

Organised on the premises of Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore, our seminar is dedicated to imparting practical knowledge about the use of Japanese candlestick chart patterns and technical indicators in order to asses trend direction, trend strength and trend quality, and thus to adapt trading decisions with more precise market data at hand.

Seminar speaker Sajid Khan Ghori will aim to provide the audience with a clear overview of how the global forex markets work and demonstrate all details with real-time examples throughout his presentation. Furthermore, participants will also have the chance to learn about technical indicators, such as the much sought-after Avramis River indicator, developed by Tradepedia trading academy to help investors distinguish trending and ranging markets, as well as determine support-resistance levels and high-quality trend signals more accurately.

Read more details here, and bring along your existing and new clients to our seminar in Pakistan.