New Forex Seminar Series Starting in Thailand in 2019

Posted on January 3, 2019 at 1:16 pm GMT

Our valued partners and IBs may be glad to know that 2019 will be yet another year dedicated to regular XM forex seminars across Thailand, the very first event destinations of which are Bangkok and Chiang Mai as of February.

Thai instructor Sompop Jittrakul, accompanied by our XM company representatives, are looking forward to meeting with seminar guests in Bangkok on 2nd February and soon afterwards in the city of Chiang Mai on 16th February. The topic that Sompop Jittrakul will elaborate on may be highly promising to our partners and their clients who would like to develop a better understanding of why trend reversals and trend breakouts are important for online investors and what strategies can be used to identify quality trends when trading in forex or other financial assets.

Existing and new XM clients who wish to honour us with their presence in either of the two event locations will not only receive detailed information on several useful swing trading techniques but will also have the chance to see two of the popular Tradepedia trading tools in action (the Avramis Swing Advanced Indicator and the Avramis Risk Management Indicator).

Click here to read more details and meet with XM in Bangkok or Chiang Mai.