Monitor your commissions in full detail

From the Account Overview you can view a large variety of useful information concerning your partner account. From the top right corner you will see displayed at all times, your commissions balance since the last time you cashed-out.

It is also possible to generate comprehensive reports for the time period of you choosing, or by specific to and from dates.


Detailed statistics down to the last click

In the statistics area of your partners cabinet you will find detailed statistics of all the campaigns you have created to date.

For example, if you are running a number of campaigns on various sites you may own, you will be able to view analysis of clicks, sign-ups and conversions for each and every campaign separately.


See what's working best

The charts function will allow you to get a quick view of how your campaigns are performing across the board.

The charts tab allows partners to access separate views on conversion, commissions, and ad performance with multiple possibilities and features which allow you to compare calendar periods.

Furthermore, charting is offered for each banner, link, or campaign you have created.

Top Performing Ads

See what works best for other partners

Top performing ads will allow you to understand which banners or creatives are working best for other partners.

This can provide excellent insight to help you understand which banner is more likely to generate better results by attracting traders based on your location or where you mainly target your website or marketing efforts.

Traders List

See a list of all your clients' IDs

The traders list shows you all the IDs of clients which belong to your partner account, in chronological order.

This is an excellent tool for cross referencing your clients' IDs and better serving them when they request help from you.

Additionally, the list will help you understand which clients are entitled to receive your services based on their recent interaction with our trading platform.

Other Statistics

If you are looking for particular statistics that are not mentioned above, please contact us as our account managers would be more than happy to produce custom reports in order to facilitate your efforts to better serve your clients and grow your business.

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