Soon: New XM Forex Trading Seminar in North Africa

Posted on September 17, 2019 at 9:11 am GMT

We are glad to invite our partners and their esteemed existing and prospective clients to yet another free forex seminar of XM, this time in a new location of North Africa: Tunisia.

Due to be held at Golden Tulip El Mechtel Hotel in Tunis on 26th October and presented by Technical Analysis Instructor of Tradepedia LLC Nizar Chaibi, the seminar offers free attendance to XM clients who wish to gain more knowledge on how technical analysis can be used with higher efficiency when investing in currencies or other financial instruments.

Our event guests will have the chance to acquire practical information on trend-following indicators and candlestick reversal patterns, which both help them evaluate market data with more accuracy and make investment decisions with better outcome and at lower risk.

As the seminar emphasises the practical aspect of online trading, our seminar guests will not only be able to gather relevant information about the decisive role that technical analysis plays in forex, but will also receive clear guidelines of how to incorporate it into their own trading strategies in line with their individual investment goals.

To attend the seminar in Tunis, learn more about online trading techniques and meet with XM in person, click here.