XM Seminar Coming Up in Kedah

Posted on June 19, 2018 at 8:26 am GMT

We are glad to inform our partners, IBs, and their clients that the second XM seminar road trip started earlier in Malaysia this summer continues its way to the city of Kedah on 18th August.

Our company representatives and event presenter Zulle Razak look forward to welcoming event guests on the seminar venue with an interesting seminar topic, namely the use of trading strategies in forex trading and also when trading other financial instruments.

The seminar aims to provide helpful guidelines on how to build up systematic trading strategies suitable for their individual trading skills, experience, trading styles and risk management levels. It has thus constructive information to offer to all those who need professional guidance in order to improve their trading practices with more success.

Instructor Zulle Razak will lay much emphasis on why it is essential to understand the basics of trading, set up realistic trading goals, get to know different technical analysis tools, and rigorously follow a trading plan. All details will be demonstrated with easy to understand examples, which will help seminar participants understand the gist of online investing.

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