XM Visits the Philippines with Technical Analysis Seminar

Posted on June 28, 2018 at 8:00 am GMT

It is our pleasure to invite our partners and their new or prospective clients to a soon upcoming event hosted by XM in Manila, the Philippines, held on 25th August.

The upcoming forex trading seminar, designed to meet the needs of beginner and more advanced traders alike, will be presented by acknowledged forex instructor Jonathan Lou Reyes on the topic of the Avramis River Indicator and the use of Japanese candlesticks.

As the seminar will be first of all focusing on the practical aspects of the details explained by Jonathan Lou Reyes, online investors who take part in the event will have a good opportunity to see how support-resistance levels work, how trend reversal patterns can be interpreted on price charts, and how Japanese candlesticks describe price movements of multiple financial instruments.

Moreover, the use of a very special indicator will be demonstrated during the event, namely the Avramis River Indicator, developed by Tradepedia trading academy, which comes in handy for traders to identify range patterns and identify strong trending instruments.

Read more about the seminar and attend the event with free participation to enrich your trading knowledge.